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Tenancy Application Process

If you wish to apply for a property under our management please first download the Tenancy Application form to the right.

Please fill in the application form and provide us with 100 points of identification and proof of income (see below). Send your completed application form and supporting documents to It would be appreciated if you could keep your application format as a PDF rather than individual images.

If you have any issues, please don't hesitate to contact our office.

Tenancy Application Form

Proof of identification (ID) 

You are required to meet a 100 point identification criterion upon submission of your application. The agent/lessor may photocopy any utem and retain as part of your application. 

IMPORTANT: At least one form of photo identification MUST be provided. 

70 Points 

- Passport                                           - Full birth certificate                       - Citizenship certificate

40 Points 

- Australian driver's licence              - Student photo ID                            - DVA card 

- Centrelink card                                - Proof of age card                           - State/federal Govt. ID card      

25 Points 

- Medicare card                                 - Council rates notice                       - Vehicle registration 

- Phone bill                                         - Electricity bill                                  - Gas bill 

- Tenancy history ledger                   - Bank statement                              - Credit card statement 

- Last four rent receipts                     - Rent bond receipt                          - Previous tenancy agreement                           

Proof of income 

You are also required to supply the Agent/Lessor with proof of your income upon submission of your application. 

Employed:             Last two payslips

Self employed:      Bank statements, group certificate, tax return or accountant's letter

Not employed:      Centrelink statement 


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